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Edit   View   32 ADAMS Edward Estate Feb 1880 ADAMS Peter HOBB Marie
Edit   View   33 ADAMS Edward Estate BRESOSLIN Sarah
Edit   View   34 ADAMS Edward Estate ADAMS Anna
Edit   View   35 ADAMS Edward Estate ADAMS Peter Jr.
Edit   View   36 ADAMS Edward Estate ADAMS Charles
Edit   View   37 ADAMS Edward Estate ADAMS Peter father
Edit   View   38 ADAMS Edward Estate ADAMS Sarah mother
Edit   View   41 ADAMS J. W. deceased Estate
Edit   View   42 ADAMS James Estate 1867 MCNEIL R. W. ADAMS William
Edit   View   43 ADAMS James Estate ADAMS Martha SIMONS Permetine
Edit   View   44 ADAMS James Estate MCGUIRE Merinda
Edit   View   45 ADAMS James Estate ADAMS J. Solomon
Edit   View   46 ADAMS James B. Estate 1882 ADAMS Elisha B. ADAMS Jennie widow
Edit   View   47 ADAMS James B. Estate HOWARD J. A ADAMS Washington son
Edit   View   48 ADAMS James B. Estate ADAMS Elisha B. brother
Edit   View   49 ADAMS Jane Unsound mind Ord. of Hosp. 1955 CURRENT Paul petitioner
Edit   View   50 ADAMS Jane Unsound mind Ord. of Hosp. LOVE & MARTIN Drs. examinators
Edit   View   51 ADAMS Laura Estate 9 Jul 1945 ADAMS H. E. ADAMS H. E. son
Edit   View   52 ADAMS Mary Stlm.& Rel. (car acc.) Jan 1938 ADAMS Flora Z. (mother) ADAMS T. K. father
Edit   View   53 ADAMS Mary Stlm.& Rel. (car acc.) ADAMS Flora Z mother