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Edit   View   0 ABBOT George Estate 1859 RILEY Elias ABBOT Matilda widow
Edit   View   1 ABBOT George Estate ABBOT Thomas
Edit   View   2 ABBOT George Estate ABBOT Mary
Edit   View   3 ABBOT George Estate ABBOT Ludicis
Edit   View   4 ABBOT George Estate ABBOT Francis
Edit   View   5 ABBOT George Estate ABBOT James
Edit   View   6 ABBOT Joseph Estate 3 Dec 1866 KING W.P. ABBOT Anna widow
Edit   View   7 ABBOT Joseph Estate MCNEIL R.W. WATHAM Mary A.
Edit   View   8 ABBOT Joseph Estate ABBOT Elizabeth
Edit   View   9 ABBOT Joseph Estate HALS Martha
Edit   View   10 ABBOT Joseph Estate CRAM Ruth
Edit   View   11 ABBOT Joseph Estate SHACKELFORD Anna
Edit   View   12 ABBOT Joseph Estate ABBOT Rachael
Edit   View   13 ABBOT Joseph Estate MCCOY Sarah
Edit   View   14 ABBOT mable incompetemt Estate 1934 ABBOT Sanai guardian
Edit   View   15 ABBOT Matilda Estate 1860 HANES John ABBOT Thomas
Edit   View   16 ABBOT Matilda Estate ABBOT Mary
Edit   View   17 ABBOT Matilda Estate ABBOT Lucidis
Edit   View   18 ABBOT Matilda Estate ABBOT Francis
Edit   View   19 ABBOT Matilda Estate ABBOT James