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Administrator surname
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Rel to Deceased
Edit   View   319 ALVORD Will MOORE Anna sister
Edit   View   320 ALVORD Will THOMPSON Anna Mae niece
Edit   View   3634 CAIN Guardianship no date CAIN E. J.
Edit   View   4359 CHANEY Estate CHANEY Charles E. brother
Edit   View   4360 CHANEY Estate FRICKE Anna B. sister
Edit   View   4361 CHANEY Estate CHANEY Koe W. WILLIAMS Koe W. son/admin.
Edit   View   4540 CHEEZUM Estate REQUA E. N.
Edit   View   6163 CRISSMAN HUNTER Mrs. Edith Odessa daugh.
Edit   View   7424 DENMAN Estate DENMAN Lelia M. mother
Edit   View   7425 DENMAN Estate DENMAN James H. brother
Edit   View   7426 DENMAN Estate DENMAN Rosemary widow
Edit   View   7640 DILLION & ARNOLD CO. 1873 DILLION Jesse
Edit   View   12020 GUNDY GUNDY Everett W. son
Edit   View   12021 GUNDY GUNDY Oran son
Edit   View   12022 GUNDY GUNDY Lloyd B. son
Edit   View   12023 GUNDY GUNDY Walter H. son
Edit   View   12024 GUNDY GUNDY Lawrence J. son
Edit   View   12025 GUNDY GUNDY Everett W. GUNDY Everett W. son
Edit   View   12026 GUNDY GUNDY Oran P. son
Edit   View   12027 GUNDY GUNDY Lloyd B. son