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Edit   View   124 AGEE Tonya May mentally ill 1960 AGEE Frank father
Edit   View   147 ALDERSON James habitual drunkard 1936 LANGDON Sarah E. guardian
Edit   View   214 ALLEN James A. ALLEN Homer son
Edit   View   215 ALLEN James A. ALLEN Clarence son
Edit   View   216 ALLEN James A. ALLEN Edith daugh.
Edit   View   222 ALLEN Lewis A. unsound mind 1958
Edit   View   318 ALVORD Margaret incompetent 1956 DANLEY J. W. guardian
Edit   View   321 ALWAY George H. insane 1948
Edit   View   341 AMOS Claude minor 1898-1909 GORDON F. E. BLAGG Mattie J. mother
Edit   View   342 AMOS Daniel minor 1898-1909 GORDON F. E. BLAGG Mattie J. mother
Edit   View   349 AMOS Robert J. unsound mind 1930 DADE Anna M. curator
Edit   View   368 ANDERSON George A. 1890-1893 KENNEDY L. N.
Edit   View   369 ANDERSON Gustave never married 1893-1896 GORDON F. E. SIZER Anna sister
Edit   View   370 ANDERSON Gustave ANDERSON Ingahena sister
Edit   View   371 ANDERSON Gustave ANDERSON John brother
Edit   View   372 ANDERSON Gustave ANDERSON August brother
Edit   View   373 ANDERSON Gustave ANDERSON Martin brother
Edit   View   380 ANDERSON Laura F. inept 1954? ELLIOTT A. E. guardian
Edit   View   456 ANTRIN Orin H. incompetent, committed to SH #3 6 Jun 1960 ANTRIM Jay D. guardian
Edit   View   481 ARMSTRONG Clarence E. mentally ill 1963 TEEL Everett E. attorney